Vaccinations during pregnancy

According to new recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health BAG, we offer vaccinations against pertussis and influenza to all pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy. Please take your vaccination card with you to your first check-up!


With the main goal of protecting infants from pertussis, the Federal Office of Public Health now recommends: vaccinating pregnant women in every pregnancy (we recommend vaccination around the 25th week of pregnancy). This leads to the formation of maternal antibodies in the last months of pregnancy, which are transferred to the unborn child and can protect the young infant from whooping cough infection in the first months of life. Fathers and other contacts of the newborn should also check their vaccination status and be vaccinated if it has been more than 10 years since the last booster. This can significantly reduce the risk of newborns and infants contracting severe pertussis....

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Since 2013, vaccination has been recommended to all pregnant women, regardless of the age of pregnancy (safety in the first third of pregnancy has been proven). Mothers who gave birth in the last four weeks should also be vaccinated between mid-October and mid-November, according to the national recommendation. Vaccination can prevent severe courses of influenza with complications such as pneumonia, as well as premature birth and growth retardation of the child. The child of a vaccinated mother is affected by fewer infections in the first year of life.

Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
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