Gynecological examination


Gynecology, or gynecology, is the study of the treatment of diseases of the female sexual and reproductive tract. In a narrower sense, gynecology deals with the diseases of non-pregnant women as opposed to obstetrics. 

The tasks of gynecology also include the treatment of diseases of the female breast and the corresponding preventive examinations (preventive medicine; so-called mammography). More on this topic can be found on wikipedia.

Annual gynecological checkup

Even though health insurance companies now only pay for routine examinations by gynecologists every 3 years, the majority of specialists still recommend annual checkups ("annual checkups").

The following examinations are part of the annual check-up:

  • Detailed questioning
  • Discussion of problems and questions
  • Breast examination
  • Examination of the external genitalia
  • Examination of the vagina, the vaginal contents (infection?) and the cervix with taking the cancer screening swab
  • Palpation of the uterus and ovaries
  • If necessary, ultrasound of the genitals and/or mammary gland.

If this examination is performed due to a gynecological problem, it must always be paid for by the health insurance company, even if the last "normal" annual checkup was less than 3 years ago.



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