Better-Aging - Consultation Hour

Medical progress, improved hygiene and our prosperity have led to an increase in average life expectancy, but not necessarily in good health. Maintaining the quality of life in old age for as long as possible is the goal of Better Aging Medicine. 

Better Aging Medicine is based on three pillars.

1st Pillar of Better Aging

The first pillar deals with your personal lifestyle.
This includes a balanced diet, sufficient exercise, mental fitness training, and the timely recognition of personal health risks.

2nd pillar of Better Aging

The second pillar helps the body fight free radicals with precisely balanced vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. They are mainly associated with diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease or even cancer. Vital substances, such as co-enzyme Q10, help to reduce the risk factors.

3rd pillar of Better Aging

The third pillar deals with endocrinological prevention. Hormones crucially control our mental and physical health from youth to old age. The decline of hormones in old age essentially determines our aging process. Hormone replacement balances out precisely those hormones of which the body no longer produces enough itself and whose deficiency can lead to physical complaints in the short or long term.

Procedure of the Better Aging consultation

  • First of all, a blood sample will be taken, which you should come to in the morning on an empty stomach. The blood sample can be taken every day from Monday to Friday.
  • Afterwards, a consultation appointment will be scheduled. The Better Aging consultation is always held on Mondays.

You will receive a questionnaire, which you should fill out and bring to the appointment. Taking into account your personal situation, your family history and the results of the laboratory examination, an individual therapy concept will be worked out. 

What does a Better Aging consultation cost?

The costs are a flat rate of CHF 650 (including laboratory costs of CHF 500). These services are not covered by health insurance. We ask that you pay the amount in cash or by major bank or credit cards at the time of blood collection.

"Add life to years, not years to life."



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