Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

The most natural and safest method for hormone replacement during menopause is the administration of estrogen through the skin. This involves delivering natural 17-beta estradiol to the body via a gel or patch. The advantages over tablets are:

  • The estrogen does not have to be absorbed through the digestive tract. Thus, the liver is not burdened and no dangerous degradation products are formed, which can be responsible for cardiovascular complications.
  • The dosage can be fine-tuned individually
  • The natural progesterone is either swallowed as a tablet or inserted into the vagina. Since natural progesterone can cause fatigue, it should be taken in the evening.

According to current knowledge, no significant side effects are to be expected under this bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, provided that individual risks for hormone treatment have been excluded. (In particular, high blood pressure, history of stroke, heart attack or breast cancer).



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