Amniotic fluid test (amniocentesis)

Dr. Lang has extensive experience with amniocentesis in pregnant patients.

Amniocentesis is usually performed between 16 and 18 weeks of pregnancy. A thin needle is used to puncture the amniotic cavity and approximately 12-15 ml of amniotic fluid is aspirated. The extracted amniotic fluid forms again in a short time. The puncture is performed under ultrasound control, so that injury to the child should not occur today. The risk of miscarriage after amniocentesis is at most 0.5% (1 in 200) and must be weighed against the individual risk of a genetic disorder in the child.

You should take it easy for 24 hours after the puncture. Slight, menstruation-like pulling and slight bleeding from the vagina may occur; in case of more severe pain or bleeding (very rare!) you should contact us at any time (emergency telephone number according to the practice answering machine). You and we will receive the result after 12-14 days simultaneously by mail (if you pay an express surcharge of 300 Swiss francs, the result of the FISH analysis will arrive after 24-48 hours). The examination costs a good 900 Swiss francs in total and is covered by health insurance only in case of increased risk (age of the mother over 35 years, conspicuous first trimester test, family burden with hereditary diseases).


We will discuss whether a blood test and/or amniocentesis is appropriate at 11-13 weeks in a detailed medical consultation. The expectant father is welcome to attend - as he is to all check-ups. The decisive factor is that you have those examinations done after a comprehensive explanation by your doctor that will allow you to sleep peacefully for the rest of your pregnancy.


Chorionic biopsy uses a needle to remove cells from the placenta. This is possible earlier than amniocentesis (at about 11 weeks); however, the result of the examination is somewhat less reliable than that of amniocentesis, because in rare cases the genetic material of the child and that of the placenta do not match. The examination is particularly suitable for expectant mothers who have already given birth to a sick child. We do not perform the chorionic biopsy ourselves, but refer you to a doctor who specializes in it.



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