Sexual Therapy Zurich


"Sex is the most beautiful secondary thing in the world."

But what if it isn't?

Sexuality is many things, but certainly not always and not for everyone beautiful - or a minor matter.

Sexuality changes throughout life.

There are phases of pleasure and of unwillingness. There can also be pain, orgasmic disturbances or erectile dysfunction.

Sexuality is always more than just sexual functioning and can never be separated from other areas of life.

Sexual pleasure and satisfaction can suffer from dysfunctions or lead to problems in the partnership.

Sometimes it takes an open conversation about all the uncertainties and problems, or even sex therapy.

We offer sexual medicine consultation for women and men, in individual or couple therapy - for mixed or same-sex couples.

Counseling and therapy are carried out according to the concepts of sexocorporel, systemic sex therapy as well as behavioral therapy, of course always dressed and without touching.

You can turn to us with the following issues, for example: sexual listlessness, lack of desire / not feeling desired, asexuality, lack of orgasm, sexual anxiety, pain during sex, vaginal cramps, sexuality after surgery and illness, erection problems or premature ejaculation.

Costs can be covered by basic insurance.



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